AlphaKEK is your Web3 Copilot. Cutting-edge AI infrastructure for Crypto & Beyond.

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Who we are

AlphaKEK is an AI lab that powers Web3 tools and applications with a next‑gen, unbiased AI infrastructure.

What we do

Our suite of AI-powered products, including conversational and research assistants across web and Telegram platforms, utilizes real-time data, advanced analytics, and soon, AGI capabilities to offer both consumers and businesses bespoke, actionable insights to navigate and capitalize on the dynamic Web3 ecosystem.

Introducing Fractal

Our proprietary knowledge graph, codenamed "Fractal", processes 2-5x more information sources simultaneously than conventional models, encompassing over 30,000 data points from diverse sources like mainstream financial news, niche crypto forums, DEXs, and CoinGecko.

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Telegram bot for crypto questions

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/ask describe the tokenomics of $AIKEK
   —   You ask
- $AIKEK is the native token of AlphaKEK.AI that can be purchased with Uniswap.
- Holding $AIKEK tokens grants users automatic App credits at specific intervals.
- $AIKEK tokens are also used for DAO voting, giving users influence over the project's development.
- The token is deflationary, with 33% of revenue allocated to Buyback&Burn mechanism.
   —   It knows

Crypto market analysis to stay ahead of the market

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  • Mixed sentiments among traders, with some expressing panic and others encouraging long-term strategies like DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) and HODL.
  • Alts seen as a potential investment opportunity due to their recent decline, while Memecoins and MEMEMON on Solana are considered game-changers.
  • Experts maintain a positive outlook for both Bitcoin and altcoins, despite recent fluctuations in the crypto market.
  • The global crypto market has experienced marginal gains, with Bitcoin's price falling slightly but still showing potential for growth.
  • Altcoins have seen some fluctuations, with some experiencing losses while others show promise.
  • The upcoming halving event is a hot topic among traders, with mixed opinions on whether it has been priced in or not.
  • There is an increasing focus on diversification and investing in promising projects and narratives such as DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure), Machine RWA (Robotic Web3 Applications), and RWA (Real World Assets).
  • Users are also discussing playing Superverse games and holding its token while waiting for the market to change.
  • There is a growing interest in US and Hong Kong BTC ETFs, which are considered exciting by some traders.

In conclusion, the crypto market is showing signs of both bullish and bearish sentiments, with experts maintaining a positive outlook for Bitcoin and altcoins. The upcoming halving event is a hot topic among traders, and there is an increasing focus on diversification and investing in promising projects and narratives.

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5 AI credits on signup
  • See public Research (titles only)
  • See public Dashboards (only the last 48 hours of data)
  • Access AI bot inside @alphakek_chat
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+5 AI credits every 30 minutes, 50 credits max
  • See public Research (full access)
  • Request custom Research
  • See the limited AI analysis on the news sources
  • See public Dashboards (only the last 30 days of data)
  • 20 saved chats max
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$100 of $AIKEK


+15 AI credits every 30 minutes, 500 credits max
  • Enhanced sources analytics
  • Unlimited AI chat
  • See the full AI analysis on the news sources
  • Full Dashboard history
  • Set up custom Dashboard and Report alerts in Telegram and browser
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$1000 of $AIKEK

Built by our passionate team

Vladimir Sotnikov avatar
Vladimir Sotnikov
CEO & Lead of AI
AI scientist with 7 years of experience. Specialized in natural language processing and computer vision. His works were mentioned in Nvidia GTC and OpenAI’s blog, received ACM Best Paper Award. Before founding AlphaKEK, was developing LLM tools for astrophysics.
Dmytro Sotnyk avatar
Dmytro Sotnyk
Web3 Developer
Forward-thinking professional with a strong foundation in smart contract development and auditing. Passionate about leveraging AI to enhance efficiency of blockchain, showcasing his commitment to innovation and excellence in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.
Vinny Le avatar
Vinny Le
Marketing Advisor
Marketing professional with 18+ years of experience in banking, web3, and fintech. He helped launch multiple financial institutions from the ground up alongside Interactive Brokers and Saxo Bank, raising $100m+ in assets. He is currently safeguarding $1bn+ in TradFi.
Valery Sotnikov avatar
Valery Sotnikov
Developer/ML Engineer
ML Engineer and developer of diverse GenAI solutions and tools, with a focus on AI-driven design and image processing. His deep understanding of Machine Learning fuels innovation in digital creativity, enhancing workflows and transforming the creation of digital art.
Vladimir Khomenok avatar
Vladimir Khomenok
Web Engineer
Frontend developer with six years of experience in BI platforms, Web3, and large-scale B2B projects. Dedicated to enhancing user engagement and interaction through visual analytics and communication, currently overseeing AlphaKEK‘s data visualizations.

Explore the roadmap

  • March 2024
    Added the market sentiment tracker to the AI Bots
    • Added chat summaries to the AI Bots.
    • Added the WalletConnect integration to the web app.
    • Increased the number of simultaneously used data sources for the AI Bots to 50.
    • Significantly improved the token-related question answering in the AI Bots.
  • February 2024
    Started deploying our own GPU server infrastructure for a hybrid cloud
    • Significant improvements to the AI Bots' speed and accuracy.
  • January 2024
    Added the DEX integration to AI Bots
  • Upcoming
    AI Apps
    • Expand the variety of on-chain data sources for the AI Bots: wallet movements, portfolio analysis, sniping, etc.
    • Develop the on-chain platform for crypto-centric AI models and datasets (see the link for more details).
    • Add the ability to analyze multiple sentiment trends at once and compute the correlation between them.
    • Document the public API for all the underlying AI services so other projects could use them (for a fee).
    • Add image understanding abilities to both the AI Bots and the AlphaKEK Fractal.
    • AlphaKEK AGI: the autonomous AI Agent for crypto research, trading, and more.
    • Add AI-powered clustering and classification for the market sentiment data.
    • Add the AI Image generator to the AI Bots.
    • Support in-chat replies for the AI Bots.
    • Unify AI Chats and AI Reports into a single app.
    • Add multistep reasoning for the AI Bots.
    • Implement AI alerts for the Telegram Bots.
    • Make an AI Bot for Discord.
  • Upcoming
    • Custom analytics for crypto ecosystems.
    • Coding assistants for non-Solidity crypto languages.
    • Custom chatbots for Web3 projects.
  • AlphaKEK.AI, AlphaKEK Labs