• March 2024
    Added the market sentiment tracker to the AI Bots
    • Added chat summaries to the AI Bots.
    • Added the WalletConnect integration to the web app.
    • Increased the number of simultaneously used data sources for the AI Bots to 50.
    • Significantly improved the token-related question answering in the AI Bots.
    • Added Token Audit feature to the AI Bots and Chats.
  • February 2024
    Started deploying our own GPU server infrastructure for a hybrid cloud
    • Significant improvements to the AI Bots' speed and accuracy.
  • January 2024
    Added the DEX integration to AI Bots
  • December 2023
    Started the custom AI Bot program
    • Released the first custom AI Bot for $SBF.
    • Greatly optimized the AI Chat's speed.
  • November 2023
    Added TradFi data to Alphakek Fractal's knowledge graph
    • Alphakek Fractal now remembers all the previous AI Reports thus expanding the AI Chat's knowledge.
    • Release of CryptoGPT by Alphakek.AI.
    • Added the sentiment analysis data to all the data sources we have (30k+).
    • Alphakek Fractal now remembers all the previous AI Reports thus expanding the AI Chat's knowledge.
  • October 2023
    Telegram AI Bot release
    • Vastly expand the number of info sources for the AI reports.
    • Add self-updating AI Dashboards.
    • Add the ability to chat with anyone else's public AI report.
  • September 2023
    Private AI reports for users
    • Make messages in AI reports and chats editable.
    • Add shareable links for AI reports and chats.
    • Added sentiment analysis to AI reports.
    • Switched from a revenue share to a buyback&burn model (voted by DAO).
    • Add the access to the Ethereum DEX data for AI reports.
  • August 2023
    Migrated from Polygon to Ethereum
    • Release of Alphakek DAO.
    • Add chats for AI reports.
    • Add more sources for AI reports.
  • July 2023
    A fully transparent and unbiased chatbot service
    • AI-powered crypto reports
  • Upcoming
    AI Apps
    • Expand the variety of on-chain data sources for the AI Bots: wallet movements, portfolio analysis, sniping, etc.
    • Develop the on-chain platform for crypto-centric AI models and datasets (see the link for more details).
    • Add the ability to analyze multiple sentiment trends at once and compute the correlation between them.
    • Document the public API for all the underlying AI services so other projects could use them (for a fee).
    • Add image understanding abilities to both the AI Bots and the Alphakek Fractal.
    • Alphakek AGI: the autonomous AI Agent for crypto research, trading, and more.
    • Add AI-powered clustering and classification for the market sentiment data.
    • Add the AI Image generator to the AI Bots.
    • Support in-chat replies for the AI Bots.
    • Unify AI Chats and AI Reports into a single app.
    • Add multistep reasoning for the AI Bots.
    • Implement AI alerts for the Telegram Bots.
    • Make an AI Bot for Discord.
  • Upcoming
    • Custom analytics for crypto ecosystems.
    • Coding assistants for non-Solidity crypto languages.
    • Custom chatbots for crypto projects.